EA does not update on the trading terminal after recompiling

Hi All,

I modified my EA last week, mainly to increase it’s trade size.

However the old code is still running and it’s still trading at it’s old trade size rather than the modified size.

I’ve removed the EA, I’ve removed the chart it was on, created a new chart and attached the newly compiled file (which has a different name) to this new chart.

But somehow the old code is still running.

Any idea’s on what is happening and what I can do to fix it would be greatly appreciated!

It is something with your code modification (increase lot size … margin?) …
I am not a coder so I can not help sorry.

Hi Sergey,

I presume not as it functions correctly in back testing.

  • Either you have two charts open with the code running on the other. Or You have two terminals running.
  • Go to the data folder, delete the EX5, and restart the terminal. It can’t run what it can’t find.

Hi rbruckner6,

Followed the instructions and still no result.

I have removed all charts in the terminal, added a new chart and attached the new EA to it.

I’ve also deleted all of the old EA’s files in the data folder, and restarted the terminal…but still have the same problem.

Old code is still running even though I have deleted it’s file? …I must be missing something.

Any suggestions?

Greatly appreciated!

Are you perhaps running it on MQL’s Virtual Services?

If yes, you have to “resync” it with “empty” charts in order to have it removed or detached from the “virtual host” that is still running it!

Also, don’t add the new EA, until you are certain that the older one is no longer running.

Thank you very much!