Damiani_volatmeter filter bar

Damiani_volatmeter simple filter bar (line)

How to code just basic idea: green line(buffer) over gray (pict.)?


Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you
Files : https://c.mql5.com/forextsd/forum/163/damvolt.gif

Look on the DIN EA on the Dolly Thread, Mrpip has already used it on the DIN EA

I am attaching an old copy I had

Go/no Go

Thank you, MiniMe!


just a little detail - how to to make filter bar (indicator) itself ??

I’m trying to make it as arrows bar or strait colored line to just drop it in any oscillator window, but

… it just NO GO today…



bool CheckDamianiFilter()


double DamianiGreen, DamianiGray;

DamianiGray = iCustom(NULL, Signal_TimeFrame, "Damiani_volatmeter", Viscosity, Sedimentation, Threshold_level,lag_supressor, 0, SignalCandle);

DamianiGreen = iCustom(NULL, Signal_TimeFrame, "Damiani_volatmeter", Viscosity, Sedimentation, Threshold_level,lag_supressor, 2, SignalCandle);

if (DamianiGreen > DamianiGray)


return (true);




Can anyone make this filter as an indicator, please?

I am sorry, I am not a programmer honestly I would help if I could , but keep pushing and one of the good guys will give you the answer

come-on, just simple DamVoltmeter NewDiditalFilterBar… BAR!!!sounds good (t.g.i.friday!)…

here you go - simple DamVoltmeter bar(line) - Go/NoGo

just drug & drop at any separate window (level adjustable)

(works only with “Damiani_volatmeter” installed)