Cycle - Cycle is now coded

As requested by some users, the Cycle is now coded. Formula: Close - Open / High - Low.

[Update 2006-08-10] Fixed “divided by zero” bug. Thanks to qjosefs7 who reported it.



Indicator Cycle have little bug. Indicator not update each bar. Please fix it.

Bug? can you capture a screenshot for me?

Excuse me , i don’t know how to attach image.

Just see indicator to 1 min chart and do not change time frame 10 min.

First bug- indicator not update each bar(candle)

Second bug- line on indicator is lost in places.

OK , see picture…

Thanks! I’ll check that.

All fixed! Pls redownload.

Thank you.

By the way , where you get this formula for cycle?

If you have more information for cycles please send me message.

Best regards.