Custom RSI indicators

Hello fellow traders, I am using RSI as one of my primary indicators, however I want it to have an alert once it hits 70 or above which is a sell signal for me and also gives an alert once it hits 30 or below which is a buy signal. I am not a programmer so it’s kinda hard for me. Please help me out guys, thanks…buangcla

Here is a RSI-Alert indicator; I created it for you as your description.

Hope it is useful.

thanks a bunch . i really appreciate it…

Thanks. I like to use RSI, it’s simple but profitable.

hi nicesurf, RSI alone usually wont work, what are other indicators that you are using to serve as a partner of RSI? I used bollinger bands to keep me informed on how the market is doing, whether it is oversold or oversold.

i’ve tried srfxman’s RSI and it worked but i need it also to include the current currency pair which the alert belongs to. I need it to have an alert with the currency pair and it’s price. I hope anybody can modify this indicator… I need help in this one.