Custom indicators: Kairi, PCR, KRV

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Thanks for such assistance to develop indicators for non programmers. I have few ideas i like to see as MT ind as i programmer friend is still busy i hope you can help me to get these formula as indicators.


It calculates deviation of the current price from its simple average

as percent of moving average. If the percent is rather high and

positive - is signals to sell, large and negative - to buy.

Parameter - period of averaging n, boundary of signals BUY, SELL-pers.


k = [ p - sma (n)/ sma(n) ] 100

Buy: K> pers

Sell: K< - pers


ACD method compares demand and supply pressure by way of accumulating

upward and downward price movement. Upward price movement is measured

as a difference between true low value of the price and closing price,

movement downward - the difference between true upper value and

closing price. The signal to buy is generated, when ACD indicator

exceeds the set percent of its maximum value for some historical


Methods parameter is value of historical period N and percent

determining maximum deviation.


v=Close-TrueLow (Close > Close[1])

v=Close-TrueHigh (Close < Close[1])

Buy: ACD> -p*max(ACD)N

Sell: ACD< p*max(ACD)N

Percent R - PCR

It calculates how close is the price to the highest (the lowest) price

for the set period of time as a percent of price range for that period

of time. It is based on support and resistance levels. PCR value close

to 80% signals to sell, when it is equal to 20% - to buy.

Parameter - period of averaging n.


h = max ( p, p[1] , k , p (n)

l = min ( p, p[1] , k , p (n)

pcr = ( h - p / h - l ) * 100

Key Reversal - KRV

It signals that the trend has changed. In case of pronounced downward

trend during the set historic period n it signals to buy, if the

highest price exceeds the previous highest, the lowest stock price is

below the previous lowest and the closing price exceeds the previous

closing price. Signal to sell is produced in the same situation after

pronounced upward trend, in case the closing price is below the

previous closing price.

Parameter: historical period of trend determination n.

BUY: High>High[1] , Low>Low[1], Close>Close[1], Trend(n)=down

BUY: High>High[1] , Low>Low[1], Close<Close[1], Trend(n)=up


close - open / high - low

Hi amarnath. Thanks for sharing man. Here you go the first wave:

Key Reversal
Trend (Reversed of Key Reversal)
Percent R
I really like these indicators. They’re just unique and amazing! Take PCR as example, buy when it’s 30 and sell when it’s 70. I’ve got pretty good looking setup here. And, I just reverse up the “Key Reversal” to make Trend indicator. I think it’s better.

I may made some mistakes though as your explanation is foggy. Like the ACD method, what exactly are TrueLow and TrueHigh? Are they calculated like in ATR?

Do you think i coded them right?

Thanks for coding indicators . Its nice to see you reversed concept of KRV to get price following indicator but i feel if you we have it as color histogram bar is better than arrow outlooks for pleasing look while trading .

gstarmore1s, the Cycle is now coded. Check it

:sweat: wow thx u… great help

difficult to use and see

Iam looking for Key reversal indicator for Metatrader, if anyone have it, request you to post it here.

Thanks in Advance

Does anyone have this Percent R to share?