CSymbolInfo can't get margin information


is it normal to get no margin information ?

CSymbolInfo si;

All zero. I am happy.

Yes. Normal. These properties are designed for stock symbols (for example for futures), not forex.


when open a position, i have a margin. Why is it no available in mql5 ?

"SYMBOL_MARGIN_MAINTENANCE (property of a symbol) != Free Margin or Margin (trading account property)

Depends of the broker. Some brokers are a bit lazy or incompetent or whatever and don’t provide all reliable information for all symbols.

Which broker are you using ?

Ok, it is a property of symbol, not account but it suggests, you can get this information about margin for symbol position, in fact you can’t (by using SymbolInfoDouble),

except for stocks. In my case it is not forex, it is CFD. Same problem.

However, OrderCalcMargin does the job.

Active Trades. I like this broker because he provides many symbols. Just the history is poor what i am not happy about.