Could you tell me what indicator is this?

Hello guys,

could you tell me what is the name of the indicator showing in the chart below (in the red box)?

WHat indi

This MT4 indicator show us Levels of Yesterday High (YH) Low (YL), Prior Week High (PWH), Range High (RH), Initial Range High (IRH) Low (IRL), Open of The Day (OpD), Open of the Week (OpW), etc. in current day.

The way this indi present the levels are so clean and sleek, not plastering the entire history with tons of lines, just the current week/day. I have few indis but it’s not as clean as this one and not as complete. Would really appreciate the help to tell me what’s the name of this indicator, and if possible please share me if you have one (if it’s free, or paid version please let me know the link.)

Thanks in advance, guys!!


I found something similar:

But it’s not what I’m looking for… Anyone have idea what is that indicator? Thanks…

Hi, I don’t know what’s name of the indicator, but I know how it works.

I though the indi simply show us an old technique about Support and Resistance by previous Daily High-Low, Week range, and so on.

Maybe you can use it when market is sideways :slight_smile:

Kind regards.