Copy trade: incorrect amount of deposit used each trade

Hi guys, I have recently subscribed to a signal and the amount used for each trade is set at 5% of deposit. However it only trades 0.1 lot each time which is way less than what it should be.

with 5% of deposit, it should trade 1 lot each time…

Any ideas why?

Why do you think it should trade 1 lot ? What are the respective balance, leverage for your account and the provider ?

My balance is $20k, Leverage 100.

Provider’s balance is $50k, leverage is also 100. However each time he trades 10 lots. His 1 pip is equal to $10.

5% of $20K=1 000$

Volume ratio is 1000/50000=2% so if he trades 10 lots you should get 0.2 lots.

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Got it, thanks very much!