Control the testing speed in MT4 build 950


since a lot of time ( I think since the build 950 is offered ) I didn’t be able to control the speed of testing at the strategy tester,

you can see the problem in the picture ( the button that control the speed isn’t exist ! )

so now the testing is very slow, anyone have the same problem? please tell me about it …

Thank you .

  1. Are you running a “visual” test?

  2. Have you tried expanding the strategy tester window? That option may be hidden below if the screen size isn’t large enough

Yes, the problem was about the size, it is solved now, Thank you very much .


I have the same problem. I don’t have speed control and I’m using “visual mode”.

How can I solve this?


Same problem, same solution.

Thank you Thank you Thank youu, I spent almost a whole day going crazy trying to figure this out!