Combination of EA's on trading account

have been playing around with EA’s for a while now and came to this theory.

Some EA’s makes profit good and fast, some EA’s makes profit slower.
Some EA’s lose a bit of profit and then later starts making good profit.

It all depends on the way your strategies are set up within the EA’s

But now I come to a point where I am wondering.

What if you take all your top EA’s and combine them running on one account?

What is the risk? What is the gain?

I would like to learn and share my knowledge with everyone that runs multiple EA’s on one account and learn from them as well and hear their input to the subject and id the are successful or not successful.


For as long as they all stick to:

int max_orders=....

So that you won’t get burned due to too many orders being opened… By all of those EA’s.

But then a new problem arises because some (of the more, ‘promising’ designs) make profits by alternating between long and short positions, and it is here that this critical chain can break easily if some other EA ordered the last possible order.

Why do you want to run them all on one account? If you have more then one why not spread them over multiple accounts.

And then there is the risk of the opening of trades in both directions where one EA is winning, the other will be losing.

I don’t think it’s a good idea.

I have been testing EA’s on separate account.

Most work great.
Combining them in one account can be very powerful, but you are right. If you don’t have the capital to support all the EA’s it could burn your account.

It is something I want to test out on a cent account and see how it grows. according to what I think. If all is set properly with minimal risk and combining the EA’s on one account the account growth could be great in the long term.

It all comes down to patience and understanding each EA and the proper combination.

The output is unpredictable Each EA has some logic before trading. Since you stated ‘qood and fast profit’ combination will sweep your equity and get margin call not unless you have enough balance. But the system doesn’t guarantee to be logically correct / wrong. Its better if you understand the logic of each EA first.

Yes, very true indeed what you have stated.
There is no use in putting EA’s together unless you understand the logic of each EA.
I love a combination of Grid and hedging EA’s and so true that you do need a great balance to provide for such a combination.
I have been working on a project the last few months that actually pushes the equity above the balance. yet there is one small issue I am still figuring out. The balance drops but the Equity gain is great. Causing me to cash out at the end and not letting the EA’s run completely automatically.

It is base on an algorithm I designed working with my own EA’s together as one trading system.

Here you can see for yourself.
not to boost my Ego but I am actually impressed at my small creation so far with the results.

The last section of the graph is actually other EA’s working together as well that I started testing and the results from the non Non-Farm monthly yesterday was beyond my expectations with a minimal drawdown and equity drag.

Called “Wild Youth Reboot” on myfxbook

Thank you for your input. It seems you know your way around EA’s. would love to learn from you and obtain your knowledge regarding EA trading.