Cant use real tick data with Strategy Tester

If I test EA with EveryTick mode I get 99% Modelling Qualitiy. If I test with Real Tick mode I get n/a modelling Quality. Why? (Same EA, same settings, same period)



Every-Report.jpg 133 KB

Real-Report.jpg 139 KB

Real ticks are not available for all the testing period. Check the log.

It means the real tick mode is useless?

Did you check the log ? If you test from 2010.01 for example and real ticks are only available from 2016.01 the modeling quality will be low as ticks will be emulated for the period where real ticks are missing.

If you want more real ticks, talk to your broker which provides the data.

Thanks your advice.

If you watch the attached images at the first comment, you’ll see that the test period is from 01/01/2017 till Today, and the broker is the for the best problem detection.

But with different brokers the results are same. I have tested with some brokers (FXTM, XM, Admiral…)

Ok, it seems test on real ticks always provide this result “n/a”.

That’s a question for MT5 Support