Can i trade on the same account alongside an EA that places automatic trades?

Can I trade manually as well as run an EA in my MT5 live or Demo account - at the same time?

Or is it either manual trading or EA on MT5 in one Demo/live account at a time?

As long as the EAs provide MagicNumber control, you can do Manual Trading (magic number “0”) as well as run as many EAs (each with its own magic number) as you want on the same account at the same time.

However, please be very careful with your individual and overall risk management . Having too many trades at the same time can severely impact the risk and deposit load on your balance, equity and free margin.

Yes, you can do that!

As written only if expert advisor strongly control trades by magicno (and symbol). I had some programs (from mql market !) that did not harmonize. As a result they opened and closed positions in an incredible frequency and account got damaged. The bad thing is, you can’t find this in a backtest. One could run them on demo to find out, but the risk continues even then.

Thank you all for your answers.

Now I can see that the correct way for me would be to only run an EA when I am sleeping, that is, during the Asian session starting immediately after the NY close or when I stop trading earlier to go to gym.

I don´t need to run an EA when I am manual trading.