Calling custom indicator inside bot/ea

Say we have a few custom indicators in the bot/EA:

#resource “\Indicators\indi1.ex4”

#resource “\Indicators\indi2.ex4”

#resource “\Indicators\indi3.ex4” (has a resource to indi4.ex4) i.e. 2 level nested

#resource “\Indicators\indi4.ex4”

All these custom indicators work by themselves in the terminal but crash (cannot load) when they are combined as resources to be used inside the bot/EA, specifically indi3.ex4 / indi4.ex4.





I want to use all these indicators independent of each other in bot, but there is conflict between indi3 & indi4, is my guess.

What would be the correct calling code for iCustom()?

#resource "\\Indicators\\indi4.ex4"


In both indi3 and your EA.

tried this syntax already and not work.

Until recently, MT4 did not support nesting of resources. I wrote a task ( #1046703 ) into the service desk. The task is closed now as fixed (at 2014.07.29), so you should check if you have latest version.

What is not working, please be more explicit. Show the relevant code, show your logs.

04:52:47 cannot load resource ‘C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\GUID\MQL4\Libraries::Indicators\indi4.ex4::Indicators\indi4.ex4’

04:52:47 Cannot load 'C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\GUID\MQL4\Libraries::Indicators\indi4.ex4::Indicators\indi4.ex4

Please show the relevant code, as already asked. In which directory are your source(s) code ?

Obviously you are confused about your “path”.

its not the location of the folder the .ex4 files are in the correct places, any other guesses?

Again the code as above is throwing cannot load resource as soon as the bot is attached to a chart. It compiles correctly.