Calendar/news plotting indicator for MT4

I’m posting this in the classified advert forum, even though I don’t stand to benefit financially from the link that follows. I’m simply “playing it safe” largely because I’m new to this forum, and I don’t want to risk breaking the rules or upsetting anybody. I include the link here only because it might be helpful to others. If the moderator staff want to move the post to an “MT4 Indicators” forum, then that’s possibly a more appropri

For anybody looking for an indicator that plots both past and future news announcements on their MT4 charts, without obscuring the price bars:

NEW!! - Plot News indicator - Page 4 @ Forex Factory

Page down to posts #55, 56 to see screenshots, and then to post #102 for instructions on how to download the latest version. Operational instructions are included both in the manual provided in the download, and in posts in the thread.

This indicator uses the Forex Factory calendar. This is because I’ve been posting on their forum for several months, and their calendar was accessible programatically, and seemed as good as any. I have no financial affiliation with FF, and have no reason to “head-hunt” members for th

I just hope that people find this news plotting indicator useful. It is offered completely free of charge, but with no express warranties regarding correct performance or future support.

Best wishes



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It’d be great if you could attach associated files here so that our friends can download in one click.