Best learning resources for MQL and EA programming

Hey guys.

My MQL4 level is beginner and MQL5 level is zero.

What did I learn:

I did YT MQL tutorials and then programmed basic EA’s combined with indicators for Strategy Tester.

Afterwards I realised that it’s more efficient to learn C++ first. (because it’s the same language, and has much better tutorials).

So, I learnt c++ on Udemy (C++ for beginners (Eclipse-MinGW-SDL2): finished. And, c++ in VS/Unreal engine: chapter 3 now) and Coursera (I’m officially enrolled in the intermediate course c++ for c programmers. And: c++ writing, running and fixing code). My c++ level is beginner (or less)

What do I need?

I need suggestions on best learning resources for MetaTrader programming. Anything can be useful here be it video tutorials, articles or even podcasts.


I would say anyone serious about MQL should first gain a strong foundation on C++ language. There is no point learning MQL APIs when one is still struggling with the underlying language.
C++ aside, you can read the docs or books like Expert Advisor Programming for MetaTrader 5 by Andrew R. Young. If I’m not wrong there is a MT4 version of that book as well. The problem with reading the docs is that there is no clear progression path through the pages and after reading the first few introductory pages you will find yourself confused on which link to click or what topic to read next.

I can’t think of any MQL specific podcast but there are plenty of trading podcasts out there. The good thing about these podcasts is that you will hear stories of other traders and how they went about automating their strategies. Again, not really related to MQL but still insightful in my opinion.

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