Belkhayate Moving Average


Anybody knows where I can find a “Belkhayate Moving Average” indicator for metatrader (if any exists) ?

Any format is ok source code or compiled (MQL4/5 or EX4/5)

This indicator is explain on this video :

Thanks for help

We are not allowed to advertise here, but if you search the Market, you will find a few related things.

Also, if you search for “Center of Gravity” you will also find plenty of hits in the CodeBase and the Forum.

Thank you for reply cbartolomucci2h
I’m not looking for “Center of Gravity” (already have it).

I’m interested by the Belkhayate MA. In fact if anybody works on the algo, sharing a source code (mql4 or mql5) would be nice.

edit : I think it is called also “EasyTrading timing” and finally part of Center of Gravity… Found some stuff on market but I’m more interested by the source code algo…


It is regression moving with polynomial degree= 3 .(Belkhayate uses degree 3).

This indicator recalculates at each bar .