Auto trading disabled from server/broker

For some unknown reasons that I have no idea about them, auto trading has been disabled from server.
the server that I work with, locate in Iran.

I would like to know is there any solution or trick to me for trade automatic with mql5?


You can select the other server (if it is the issue with the broker for example) just follow small article on this link:

MetaTrader 5 Help - Open an Account (same for MT4).

For example - this is my Metatrader 5: many accounts with many brokers/servers so I can switch from one to an other using just one MT5 instance.

If it is your country specific issue (Iran?) so ask the traders from your country here about how they are dealing with it.

thank for reply.

There is no other server or broker that work with meta trader in Iran.
other traders just analyze the stocks and buy/sell directly with MT, They don’t use auto trading.

With Iran or in Iran? I do not understand.
My example: there are few brokers only who are working in Russia but, anyway - you can see many accounts of non-russian brokers in my Metatrader (and most of them are allowing autotrading) so - not a problem at all.

So, I do not understand your issue sorry.

There are many Iranians here on the forum so I hope they may reply and help.

Actually it’s not related to Iran or any country.

tomatic trading cannot be disabled without reason. You need to investigate why it happened, checking the log files is a good start.

Is it on a VPS ? If yes, was the VPS restarted. Was MT5 restarted ? etc…

I am just user and I have no idea and no access to know what kind of server or etc.

This is a log:
2017.07.27 23:47:11.685 Trades ‘1321589’: failed exchange buy 1.00 اخابر at market [AutoTrading disabled by server]
I have called support of broker and they said to me the AutoTrading has been disabled by themselves. without no more explanation!

Ok I see, I had misunderstood. A broker can always allow or not automatic trading, they enabled it, so it should work now.

I don’t know if there was permission to automatic trading or not.

My script work perfectly on last year data of symbol but the auto trading doesn’t work for at the moment.

I’ve called support center of broker and they’ve said to me: the auto trading has been disabled by us and your script just work for past data