Anybody know MT4 indicator w/ dots which go farther apart as trend kicks in?

  • basically, if you are in a consolidation phase, the dots (which show up either under or over the candle) end up being kind of scrunched together – a nice visual indication that you should not be in the market

  • then, as a trend kicks in and the price climbs, the space between the dots on those candles widens, a confirmation that the trend is moving up (or down) …

  • then, when you see the dots narrowing again and scrunching together again, you know the trend is fizzling out and be looking to exit

  • any info would be appreciated


Thanks for the tip. Great help

are you asking what the indicator is called? if so it’s parabolic SAR


would u mind elaborating more on wat a parabolic SAR is? im sorry but i just started forex and im currently reading a book on japanese candlesticks

Check out the latest version…it will do what you are asking for.

New version? can you share the file please?