An EA that works with Binary Options and the is profitable?


do any of you know if an EA for trading Binary Options with a profit exists?

If so how do you need as a broker and how much will such an EA cost?

The best thing would be if a real trader did the trading and via the EA placed the trades for his or her disciples :slight_smile:

There are some signals on Binary Options so you can check here. Or go to Job service to order EA for example. So, those are 2 options for binary options sorry (Signals and Job).

3% better than a Coin Toss, do you think that is beyond the margin of error ?

hi, i am interested in the binary options system. i saw the attachment with the result, please get back to me. RaptorUK, i dont understand your message. I you’re saying you have something, please let me know. I wait for your kind responses, cheers.

Hi - I have developed some EA’s that trade binary options on MT4 platform with brokers that allow it. As for being profitable that is something that will take some time to check a good win rate over a sustained period of time. My demo has done well so I have transferred to a live account now. Happy to share what I have learnt along the way :slight_smile: