Alarm/alert indicator IDEA

Maybe this isn’t a new idea.

But i see there is no indicator like this.

My idea is alert indicator what when we putting the price (e.g. 38.2 line fibonacci, support resistance, pivot, etc) and price go to price we put or near 2,3,5,10 pips it sounding.

Like limit, but we do not take any position if price go that price.


  • PRICE:

  • RANGE: (how much pip different from price we put that it will sounding) normal default is 0. for scalper ideal is 2or3, for short term 5-10 pip.

For forex trader time is one big problem,especially for short term player and scalper. Because they did’nt want missing the price, so they wait in front of the computer. Waiting is always the most boring job.

If there is indicator like this it will give them free time trading forex. They can trading forex while with watching movie, go to shopping (need PDA), eating , jogging, and most important, SLEEPING. :stuck_out_tongue:

And using limit, buy stop , sell stop will be useless.

Is this possible making this indi ?

I hope someone in this forum may help me making this indicator.

I’m sure short term and scalper from around the world will say ‘THANK YOU VERY MUCH’ :wink:

i get one indicator that similiar --> alert MA

but this indi just applicable on MA.

so not too usefull.

sorry i can’t attach this alert MA cause i don’t knowhow to attach.

maybe later i will if someone ask for this.

no reply?!!!

is my idea not good?

or is it impossible to make it?

Heh heh, metatrader has that price alert built in their platform already. (See screenshot).

In case you want to execute when price has crossed certain level or crossed a drawn trend line, use this trendline break executor ea. In fact, you can use this indicator alert you without order execution as well; make sure you the dont tick the “Live Trading” (see screenshot).


hi friends

ı want to ask these:

1- is there a kind of indicator alarm forexample: alarm when rsı comes to 70 or 30

2-alarm when 2 or 3 indicator comes to level forexamle

alarm when rsı comes to 30 stoch comesto 35 at the same time

best regards

ooh you’re a good man.

while, can you explain more for this:

  1. where can i open the box of fxfisherman diverge that show ‘allow live trading’ ?

  2. i don’t understand what is 'timeout ’ is?

hehe, sorry i’m newly know now after several month usingmt4 .

maybe an upgrade for this is possible? ehm maybe upgrade the sound become like ringtone. or music hehe…

just like my hp is ringing when the price go.

btw, thanks for explanation

oh what a shame,

i understand now.

for admin:“You can delete this pity thread.” ?

C’mon! don’t get emotional, man. I’m not here 24/7 to answer questions.

  1. You must have installed the trendline executor ea. Double click that EA, you’ll see the windows settings.

  2. Timeout may be the maximum time the alert is valid. Say you set time = 1 hour, after 1 hour, the alert won’t go off no matter what.

I never tried changing sound before, but i believe the sound files are in Metatrader 4 directory. It’s up to your creativity, mate. Trust me you can even the alert sound to change to the sound of your sweetheart calling you.