Adding Interface to my indicator

Hi world, I am doing an indicator an want to add an interface to it but have no clue how to do this. Can someone send me some .mq4 file of some indicator with an interface please?

If you don’t know what i mean, there’s an example of an indicator with interface…i cant use this example cause i only have the ex4 file of it.

thank you

Have a search through the site for “panels” and you’ll find plenty of examples. Much of the code used in the MQL5 examples now works in MQL4.

The articles creating more advanced panels will expect you to have an understanding of OOP.

A basic panel like the one in your picture can be accomplished with a series of objects… OBJ_BUTTON, OBJ_EDIT, OBJ_LABEL etc

Have a read about how you create objects and you should be able to start building something up.

You can also start here:!keyword=graphical%20interfaces&module=mql5_module_articles

There are many excellent articles.

Thanks for your reply guys, i will take a look on the links you gave me, have a nice day.