Adding Arrows to Indicator


I am trying to add Up and Down non repainting arrows at the points shown by the red lines in the screenshot above to the FX_Sniper’s_Ergodic_CCI_Trigger indicator but I am failing to do this correctly. My efforts at coding only add arrows on the new candle formed.

Basically i am trying to add non repainting arrows in the main chart everytime the red and white arrows cross without the need to have a separate window showing the two lines. Can somebody please help with where I am going wrong. I am very new at mlq4 coding and am struggling

Since the original program is too bad, you should fix this first.

However, ignoring that, I fixed it to display arrows.

You can not display both charts and arrows in this way.

You have to use objects to do that.

Thank you hmowett1r, works great.