Access past tick data


i got an indicator that is based on tick data only. the problem is it uses some big average buffer, so each time i wanna use it i need to wait for the buffer to fill to get the first value

(i could not wait, and start displaying curves right away, but the readings would be totally off without the buffer fully filled)

is there a way to access the past tick datas (like the 2000 ticks before the current time ?

thanks for help


Based on previous posts, I think the OP is referring to MT4, so CopyTicks() would not work!

Unfortunately, on MetaTrader v4, no Historical Tick Data is stored. It does have a very small cache file for recent incoming data, but it is for a very short period of time and is not programmatically accessible.

Only on MetaTrade 5 can you access past Tick Data information!

Try this solution.