Access MQL5 VPs via Microsoft Desktop?


Testing MQL5 VPS. Is it possible to access via Microsoft remote desktop?

I primarily use a Mac, and I access my other VPS VIA Remote Desktop.

No, that is not how MQL5 VPS works. It is more like of a Virtualised Application and not like a normal VPS.

Ah Ok thank you. Have you used their VPS before? How does it compare to other VPS service?

Personally I prefer a normal VPS because I can configure it as I want it and I can run multiple MetaTraders on different accounts and with multiple EAs, unlike the MQL5 VPS.

It really depends on your needs and how proficient you are with setting up your own standard VPS. For many users with less IT skills, it will be easier to use MQL5 VPS and not have to worry about all the extra IT stuff that is needed to maintain a normal VPS.